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Getting Started With Open Data
This lecture introduces an array of data sources that can be used to create new applications and visualisations, many examples of which are given. Additionally, there are a number of slides on open data standards, freedom of information requests and how to affect the future of open data.

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INFO2009 2012-13 Resource Group 6 Flashcards
An inspirational and educational flashcard resource for secondary school children. Can be used as flashcards or as a matching activity (depending on how cards are cut out).

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Introduction to Graphite and RDF
This is a set of slides and a tutorial exercise which we used to teach people the basics of RDF and how they can manipulate data in this format to make quite powerful web pages very simply. It is not intended as full introduction to RDF and it's subtleties the aim is to teach the very bare minimum to be able to do something quickly. It empowers programmers to go away and play with linked data.

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Introduction to the Semantic Web and the Web of Linked Data
Presentation given as part of the EPrints/dotAC training event on 26 Mar 2010.

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Linked Data
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Ontology engineering
Profile PictureDr Elena Simperl
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Open Data
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Semantic Web In Use
Presentation given as part of the EPrints/dotAC training day on 26 Mar 2010.

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What's in a name? The Semantic Web's identity crisis
WAIS Seminar, presented 29 Mar 2012

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