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Documents, Guidance, Video information relating to Laser Safety in the University

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  • Laser safety door signs
    Laser safety door signs for 3R, 3B and class 4 laser areas

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  • Laser Safety in higher education - Classic video!
    Vintage video (1986) on laser safety, presented by Dr. Gillian Rice. This is a 37 minute video, explaining the hazards which are likely to be encountered and ways to reduce those hazards in teaching and research laboratories in higher education. Presented in 5 parts: Part 1 (1:49) Laser radiation and the body Part 2 (8:49) Classes of laser Part 3 (13:32) Safety measures Part 4 (21:32) Other risks: precautions Part 5 (31:49) Summary

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  • AURPO Guidance - the safe use of lasers in research and education
    AURPO Guidance - The safe use of lasers in research and education - Guidance note no.7, 2012 Edition

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  • Laser Health and Safety Interactive Video
    This short video is designed to make you think about the safety aspects of working with lasers within laser laboratories. Postgraduates and research fellows work with many different types of lasers in a variety of different experimental conditions. These lasers are often more powerful than those used as an undergraduate and require additional safety practices. The video was demonstrated to the EUNIS 2008 conference Aarhus, Denmark, and was a finalist in the Dorup E-Learning Award.

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  • CVCP Guidance on Laser Safety
    Original CVCP Guidance document on laser safety in University. Guidance is referred to in the classic Southampton Laser Safety Video. It has now been superseded by the AURPO Guidance no.7 on the Safe Use of Lasers in Education and Research - also available on Edshare

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  • Laser User Registration Form
    Blank laser user registration form

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