First Year Activities - preparing your CV


Notes, slides and activities which students can use/refer to when developing their CV. This is pitched at entry level students, but may be useful to students at all levels for general reference.

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  • CV workshop - Projecting a professional image
    Slides and activity sheets to accompany a set of practical workshop activities which help participants identify some of their individual skills, as the basis for a future coursework to produce a CV

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    CV Exemplar and Links
    a pdf and word format document which level 1 students can use as an examplar or template for their CV. Also includes links to example CVs and sites which help of creating CVs

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    Towards a Skills Audit: identifying your experience
    A workshop session which looks at skills from an employers perspective. Slides plus link to Graduate Recruiters Association. Used in first small group class of info1010 - covers ground rules, career destinations, typical earnings,types of jobs and skills evaluation. Slides are reference for interactive discussions

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