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slides plus mark scheme and link to group work videos

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  • INFO1010 Mark Scheme for group presentations
    Detailed mark scheme for group presentations, can be used to highlight the various aspects of the content and processes associated with a presentation which need to be addressed

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  • Link to ten short video episodes about groupwork
    "Rob, Vikki, Shireen, Muzz and Delia have been randomly selected to work together to develop a presentation entitled 'The barriers to learning'. It's not an easy ride. The following 10 episodes show the journey, from their first meeting through to their impressions of the presentation and working together". Produced by the LearnHigher CETL Three areas covered by the site as follows Listening and Interpersonal Skills - the University of Leeds Oral Presentations - Brunel University Group Work - Bradford University

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  • And 3 more...
    INFO1010 Presentations - small group exercise
    Quick in class exercise to familiarise students with key points in presentation. timing is tight, but possible to run four groups with four minute presentation, one minute feedback on each slot, and five minute wash up. Associated coursework specification and mark scheme included, but also located at This item will be online at: slides specify two scenarios

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