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Digital Inequality
Unpicking and understanding if and how the web is linked to inequality means: Recognising that the access divide is not over, Thinking beyond hardware, Thinking beyond demographic variables, Developing a conceptual and theoretical toolkit, Beyond technological determinism, Co-constitution, Intersectionality, Technical capital

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Open Government Data
Linked Open data – a platform for modern science, engineering, education and business. In the more recent talk, Sir Nigel Shadbolt speaks about "The Value of Openess - The Open Data Institute and Publically Funded Open Data" during the Natural History Museum of London Informatics Horizons event.

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Remote and Connected
The Web offers new possibilities to link remote and rural places into economic, political and social activities in ways that transcend earlier restrictions of distance. Dyroy Kommune, off the northern coast of Norway, welcomes Web Science students to undertake research on its digital strategy.

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Seminar Skills
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