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Information source evaluation matrix
An information source evaluation matrix, produced by the Library at De Montfort University

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Academic Integrity Resources - links and guides
an online tutorial, a pdf version, a powerpoint presentation, links to regulations.

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example share for INFO2009
This share is designed to show students how to create a share for their INFO2009 coursework includes link to example video at

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Freedom Of Information Act
Link to various resources appropriate for revising the FOI

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INFO2009 Group 17 - Team Scopophobia - Security
This is the INFO2009 project for group 17 Our topic is Security. Our resource is a website that contains links to different questionnaires we created to help educate people in various subtopics of Security

Profile PictureMr Ignas Kaziukenas
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INFO2009 Group 3, FlowerPower - Educational video about DRM
This video contains an overall description of DRM as an introduction, and a discussion about the controversy around DRM techniques.

Profile PictureMr Oscar Mariani Elola
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INFO 2009 Resource
Coursework 2, Security Sock-puppet Show

Profile PictureMiss Emily Rigby
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Green ICT - (JT)2L
A set of lecture slides and accompanying text tutorial.

Profile PictureMr Jhim Verame
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INFO2009 - Group 14: DRM & Copyright
A short video about DRM & Copyright (with chins).

Profile PictureMr Thomas Thorpe
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INFO2009 - Team 'DROP TABLE groups;
Edshare for INFO2009 coursework 2 - Team 'DROP TABLE groups;

Profile PictureMr Patrick Naish
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INFO2009 resource: Infographic on the evolution of Open Source Software
Infographic providing a timeline of important events in the history of open source software since the fifties. Also includes stats for OSS licenses, usage in Business and reasons for participating in an OSS community.

Profile PictureMr Marinos Mavrommatis
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Info2009 CW Tutorial Website
Security Tutorial Website

Profile PictureMr Yupeng Zhou
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INFO2009 - Computer Crime Learning Resource
An E-Learning Gateway for the latest news and information relating to Computer Crime for INFO2009

Profile PictureMr Daniel Corbishley
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INFO2009 Group 16 - The Rice Box Resources
INFO2009, Coursework 2, Green ICT/IT

Profile PictureMiss Yizhi Chen
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The Digital Dream Team - Digital Divide (Group 4)
This vessel contains the poster and artefact link for The Digital Dream Teams' project

Profile PictureMr Douglas Moore
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INFO2009 Resource Summary 2011-12
Slides which summarise the team resources produced for INFO2009

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Team A (Group 23)
This website has been created to raise awareness of potential issues surrounding file sharing and the penalties than can be imposed if you are caught sharing copyrighted content.

Profile PictureMr Greg Cramer
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Group 19 - Website Resource
Our website is a resource that describes equality and shows examples of bad Web accessibility. The website is hosted at:

Profile PictureMr Ashley Patrick
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INFO 2009 - Group 9 - KungFu Rabbits
This is the folder for 2011/2012 group 9 for INFO2009 (CWK2). The resource is an interactive website. Users: cre1g10, rjt2g10, gl10g10, jb23g10, jdr1g10

Profile PictureMr James Robinson
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INFO2009 A presentation with quiz and tutorial on Web 3.0
A resource for the teaching of concepts involved in 'web 3.0', including a powerpoint presentation with quiz, and accompanying tutorial

Profile PictureMr David Chang
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Group 21 Slartibartfast - Group Resource
Informative website about Anonymous/LulzSec and Denial of Service attacks

Profile PictureMr Jonathan Seager
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Cybercrime - An Interactive Presentation
Presentation slides + mini quiz on the topic of cybercrime.

Profile PictureMiss Cathy Jin
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Group 15 (Snav) - The Data Protection Act 1998
An online tutorial outlining the definitions and principles of the Data Protection Act. Contains questions on scenarios which allow the user to test their knowledge, as well as a downloadable space-shooter game which gets the user to answer Data Protection Act questions.

Profile PictureMr Liam De Valmency
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INFO2009 - Team Helios
Resource for INFO2009 Coursework 2 - Team Helios. The video covers the topic of open government data and the benefits and drawbacks to producing and using it.

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INFO2009 Group 20 - Resource
INFO2009 2011/2012 Session, Group 20 (One Direction) resource on surveillance

Profile PictureMr David Hulme
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INFO2009 2011-12 Case Study Examination
materials for open book examination to be held during semester 1 exam period 2011-12

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Something on legal issues
holding title for set of slides and summary notes to be used in INFO2009

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INFO2009 - Information Networks
Process Lecture to identify sources of information, exchange tips and techniques, update the student wiki and contribute to research activities for courseworks (annotated bibliography, poster, information resource)

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