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Short open content animated film, this means that all the source files (except the music) are given away for use via a creative commons licence.

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How to highlight selected text on a PowerPoint slide
This short 7-minute video shows two methods which can be used to highlight selected words or phrases on a PowerPoint slide.

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INFO2009 2012-13 Resource Group 18 Animation Cyber Security
Resource and flyer produced for INFO2009 12/13. An animation on public-key encryption related to cybercrime and cybersecurity. Target audience is undergraduates, but the resource does not assume prior knowledge of the topics, or any in-depth knowledge of IT.

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Part 2 - talk on using Creative Commons and opensource software to make Open Content. (Making of Doljer)
This is the second part of a 2 part video from my talk in May 2008 on open source content creation. Here I am talking about the Making of Doljer

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