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Data - From Bits to Databases
Slides based on Brookshear, augmented with a lot of simple material to encourage the students to understand binary numbers!

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Data Manipulation.doc (9)
Notes on use of SPSS. Used in Research Skills for Biomedical Science

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A collection of videos on how to get data into Excel, check for invalid data and how to get Excel data into SPSS

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Group 15 (Snav) - The Data Protection Act 1998
An online tutorial outlining the definitions and principles of the Data Protection Act. Contains questions on scenarios which allow the user to test their knowledge, as well as a downloadable space-shooter game which gets the user to answer Data Protection Act questions.

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INFO2009 Group 6 - Data Security & the Data Protection Act
Content related to the second INFO2009 assignment for Group 6's radio interview on data security and the DPA

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