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Collection: DRM Group 27 Team TT INFO2009 0910
student created resource collection

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Copyright and DRM
A slideshow and an accompanying audio podcast about DRM and piracy, and a poster advertising them

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INFO2009 Assignment 2 (Group 11) - An Interactive Tutorial on Digital Rights Management
This resource contains an interactive tutorial slide, a set of multiple choice questions and a poster that Group 11 composed for INFO2009 Assignment 2. The topic area for the resource is Digital Rights Management.

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INFO2009 Group 3, FlowerPower - Educational video about DRM
This video contains an overall description of DRM as an introduction, and a discussion about the controversy around DRM techniques.

Profile PictureMr Oscar Mariani Elola
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INFO2009 Slide Show and Questions on DRM by Dynamite Platypus
INFO2009 Slide Show and Questions on DRM by Jolyon Gray ( Rachel Gurman ( Dimitar Ivanov ( Ona Lam ( David Lewis ( William Sutton (

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