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Collection Engineering Foundation Year, Sustaining Success, Week 1
slides, notes, and background information covered in first week of this six week set of classes

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Example General Feedback on Routes to Success Portfolios
This document provides example feedback which has been generated following the marking of a class set of portfolios. It is used as a part of the Routes to Success Module, specifically on the section titled Sustaining Success. Students can read the feedback prior to completing the portfolio to alert them to the possible shortfalls which may occur when they undertake this type of task. The feedback is introduced in the context that the task of completing the portfolio is a developmental one, and that students can expect to learn and improve their performance for this type of task as they develop and refine their skills.

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MATH2022 Course Material
Mathematics for Electrical and Electronics Engineers (Part 2). Course material (course notes, Formula Sheet, Lecture Slides, Problem sheets) for the course as it ran in 2011/12 and 12/13. Course discontinued after 2012/13 as part of the transition from 10 to 15 credits.

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Profile PictureMr Justin Steele-Davies
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The Higher Education Academy Engineering Subject Center
The engineering subject center provides support for engineering students and staff in higher education at university. The website provides articles helping students in a large range of subjects, such as book reviews for a variety subjects, support in writing reports or essays and personal development in subject areas and university life in general.

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