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Honey bee
Photograph of honey bees, (Apis mellifera), taken during a trip to New Zealand between 16th June -16th July 2006 to carry out conservation work. The beehive, was observed and also how the bees function. There are many worker bees with one queen bee. It was interesting to see how the bees put excess pollen into the cells, make it into honey and then seal off the cells by covering them with wax. After observing the various tasks the bees carry out, it was possible to see differences between them. For example tasks vary according to the age of the bees. Taken using a Kodak Easy Share CX7530 camera (5.0 mega pixels).

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Maps, figures and photos for theses
This PowerPoint outlines the main points that you need to consider when adding figures to your thesis, including resolution, file format and copyright.

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Picnik - free online photo editing
Need to edit an image but don't have any software? No problem - you can do it all online for free at this website - and no annoying adverts either.

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