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Institutional Personal Learning Environments – Paradise or Paradox? A Digital Literacies Perspective
This was my keynote presentation at Computer Supported Education (CSEDU) 2012, in Porto. It looks at the importance of digital literacies and how VLEs do not support their developmeng and looks at iPLEs as an alternative.

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Personal Learning Environments and Digital Literacies
This is a version of a seminar/keynote talk I have given a few times. It argues that VLEs are no longer fit for purpose and that students should learn to take responsibility for their own toolsets.

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Values and Affordances of VLEs
This PowerPoint describes the growth of online learning from early hand-crafted solutions, through 'virtual learning environments' to today's 'managed learning environments'. It also looks at the emergence of the 'personal learning environment' concept.

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