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A Web-quiz On Health and Safety - INFO2009 - Group 18
Poster and resource for group 18. Resource can be found hosted at Jakob Forst Aungiers:; Adam Thomas:; Nathan Padoin:; Antria Orfanidou:

Shared with: University

INFO 2009 Resource
Coursework 2, Security Sock-puppet Show

Profile PictureMiss Emily Rigby
Shared with: University

INFO2009 - Group 14: DRM & Copyright
A short video about DRM & Copyright (with chins).

Profile PictureMr Thomas Thorpe
Shared with: University

INFO2009 CW2 2012-13 Briefing, advice and organisation
Notes on group organisation process and planning

Shared with: World

INFO2009 Group Assignment (Assignment 2)
Collection of resources and the group poster for INFO2009's Assignment 2.

Shared with: University

INFO2009 Group Website Resource - The Digital Divide
INFO2009 Group website as main resource for the group coursework. Covers the topic of the Digital Divide.

Shared with: University

INFO2009 Quiz Resource for Group Assignment 2
Quiz resource to complement the INFO2009 Group Website resource

Shared with: University

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