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COMP3016 Web Technology - Strand 3 "History" Lecture 3
Lecture 3: Contributions of Pre WWW Research: Spatial Hypertext and Temporal Hypertext Contains Powerpoint Lecture slides and Hypertext Research Papers: Spatial [SPATIAL] VIKI: spatial hypertext supporting emergent structure (Marshall, 94); Towards Geo-Spatial Hypermedia: Concepts and Prototype Implementation, (Gronbaek et al. 2002); Cyber Geography and Better Search Engines; [TEMPORAL] Anticipating SMIL 2.0: The Developing Cooperative Infrastructure for Multimedia on the Web (Rutledge 1999); Its About Time: Link Streams as Continuous Metadata (Page et al., 2001); Everything You Wanted to Know About MPEG-7:Part 1 (Nack & Lindsay 1999)

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Spatial and Temporal Hypermedia
Overview of early work on Spatial and Temporal hypermeida

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